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Though that's ferries. I haven't seen any warnings about issues with shipping, whereas there have been plenty about aviation. The airlines aren't gauranteeing anything

O/T but guess seas are International whilst airspace belongs to the country below.

Do feel news coverage has got to the point now where presenters and political editors might as well just spend half an hour knocking their heads against a brick wall.
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I'm finding Andrew Neil an irritating choice of 'go to' Political Presenter' for these Brexit Specials, certainly an odd choice to put on BBC World News.

It is a tad unusual, and in 10/20 years time when people on this forum ask what the Brexit coverage was like, it'll be an interesting memory that they used Andrew Neil, someone who has probably never presented anything 'BBC News' branded presented these special vote programmes, and only these programmes.
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Quite possibly. Last night it pulled in 4 million views on BBC ONE alone.

What does The One Show typically get on a Tuesday night, and what did it get on BBC 2 last night ?

It is usually around 3 to 3.5 million viewers.

So the nation didn’t exactly fall over itself to rush home to the telly, and produce a power surge etc over the coverage last night (I’m not surprised)
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4.07m average for BBC News on BBC One a 22.4 percent share - One Show got 1.35m average 7.3 percent share - Once One Show came off air at 1930 - BBC One jumped to 4.63m
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