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Granada North West Today
excellent work, well done.

The Guardian have just published an article about him. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/15/shouting-at-the-seat-of-power-remainer-gatecrashes-100-tv-interviews

For those wondering, he is a “coin collector and trader by profession”.
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They can broadcast from the central lobby but tend not to anchor from there, I suspect only certain reporters have access.

As for the man shouting, if they move he will only follow, and if they move to a vantage point where he cannot be heard, they will be accused of trying to censor him.

The News Channel and World simulcasted the 6 again as yesterday.

I presume they would have to be a lobby accredited and I'd imagine that would Only extend to Westminster based correspondents and perhaps not all so presenters and news channel producers etc. who are essential to getting the content on air wouldn't be covered.
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UTV Newsline
One thing we did see this afternoon is the difference between a UK PM press conference and a US President press conference. Not once did she shout at a reporter for reporting ‘fake news’ or call out a whole network and their ratings.

It helps that everyone involved has a certain amount of manners and egos are kept in check. While at the same time the journalists generally want to report the facts. Unlike the US were Donald acts like a WWE act on the podium while the majority of reporters that are asking him questions have agendas of their own (either backing him or attacking him). While making sure their own Hair looks great.
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I would imagine the reason that they don't present programmes from the lobby is that it's a lobby and therefore too busy for anything other than just a reporter and single camera.

I think the Serjeant-at-Arms has quite strict rules about what can take place at the Lobby inject points. (Didn't they shut down an interview there once when a protest started in the background?)

No OS on the News Channel this evening, it's a news special double-headed by Christian Fraser in College Green and Ros Atkins in Brussels. It does feel quite UK-focussed so far - is World getting something else?
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