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Christian Fraser with Vicky Young just now joking about the fact the 12th December is the News Channel's Christmas Party.

And one of mine too. There will be quite a few that night I suspect, something else to skew the result (perhaps)

Mine is on the 12th as well.

I’m resigned to the fact that whatever day they pick I won’t be able to watch any overnight coverage and maybe not even any daytime or evening coverage either.
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Guess the difference now is he is off the pay roll now he has finished Question Time.

No idea on the contractual arrangements, and a very different programme to election night, but David Dimbleby has kept one of his jobs, at least for this year, Remembrance Sunday
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This article, only 10 months old does suggest Dimbleby might well be back for one more.....

These were thought to be his final appearances but BBC sources say the current arrangement, which is subject to change and final approval from BBC executives, would mean any election held in 2019 would once again be presented by Dimbleby.


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Dear god not the possibility of David Dimbleby wheeled out once again. Last time around he made far too many mistakes throughout the night it was cringeworthy at times.

I really wish producers or channel controllers could just stop pushing old men who are way past their prime to front major programmes or events just because they're a 'name' over actual competence. ITV dug up Trevor Mcdonald from retirement but he added nothing to News at Ten however many times it was relaunched and looked completely out of place. Dimbleby should have been retired from both Question Time and Election Night around 2015 if not 2010, but no he's an 'icon' and BBC royalty so lingered on. John Humphries - now obviously retired - also stayed way beyond his time at Today. C4 News have had a fantastic presenting lineup for years now yet practically every night Jon Snow embarrasses himself on Ch4 News stumbling over links, introducing people with wrong names/titles and long, rambling questions. Is nobody of seniority at Ch4 watching a man in his 70s completely out of his depth? Its actually quite disturbing and concerning to watch at times.

Yet what women are there who are in there 70s and 80s fronting major TV programmes? I can only think of Mary Berry and Prue Leith which is hardly in the same league.
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