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Ugh. Really. REALLY?

Of all the people capable of interviewing


I mean.. anyone, anyone, but Kay Burley.

It will be a guaranteed toe-curling embarrassment from start to finish.

She may have been the only person both the parties would agree to interview. I don’t know her political biases (as I’m watching domestic US news during her show). But from what I’ve seen from Boulton he’s let his partisan colors shine (I forget which way). Maybe they also wanted a more friendly face.

Both Boulton and Burley are left of centre Remainers.
richard h1,447 posts since 11 Apr 2003
Boulton really doesn't even try and hide his remain bias so I'm glad he isnt doing it. I don't feel the same about Kay Burley.

These debates sound like something the media wants but most people couldn't care less about. its not like most of us has any say in who gets chosen anyway. Most of the previous debates have been car crash tv with the moderator constantly cutting people off all the time and of course the interviewer who asks a question then immediately interrupts and it just becomes a wall of noise. I won't be watching any except maybe the question time special

As if its not bad enough hearing about the Eu referendum/Brexit everyday for 4 years we will now have 1-2 months of leadership contest every day too
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Can we make a statement right now that this forum is a place where everyone is welcome and nonsense like this ^ is absolutely not what we want here? We’re an incredibly welcoming lot.

I am very serious about this. Not least is it mean-spirited and pretty hateful towards entire groups of people, it’s also lacking in any kind of intelligent analysis.

Seriously, not here.
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It won't happen as the judiciary don't bend to popular demand but do feel there is a real public interest case for the Boris Johnson trial to be filmed so that the electorate can see and hear exactly what is said, rather than the interpretations of it from both sides, and of course the BBC who will at the same time show bias to both sides of the issue.

And not going to dwell on it but Fox 35 really sums up the issues with coverage of events over the last few years - seems to be a requirement to have balanced reporting of right and wrong when in fact some things are just wrong and the media should not be having to invite contributors on to defend them. Feels like even sexism, racism and homophobia is treated as an acceptable point of view by some quarters of the media, including broadcasters, nowadays.
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Can we make a statement right now

I think it's fairly obvious though, isn't it? The great thing is that when these intolerant people come out of the woodwork, the rest of us are quick to denounce their nonsense.

Thank you to several of you who privately RTP'd about the post.

Although another message insisting that posts focus on the presentation, studio and programmes around Brexit, not your political persuasions.
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Feels like even sexism, racism and homophobia is treated as an acceptable point of view by some quarters of the media, including broadcasters, nowadays.

All views, no matter how abhoritant or crazy sounding to you or me, should be given airtime in a free society. When these types of views reach the people, the people generally dismiss the more extreme ones anyway. Denying them their five minutes of fame deepens their belief that they are right and this mainstream 'illegitimacy' gave them underground legitimacy.

Look at how "platforming" Nick Griffin contributed to the downfall of the BNP. Look at the current UKIP came undone when their intolerance was aired after Batten became leader and recruited Tommy Robinson to the cause.

That aside, TV Forum is a distinctly apolitical place and so it should stay, in my opinion.
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New PM (Assuming the Tory Membership vote occurs unlike in 2016) will take office week beginning Monday 22nd July.
My guess is similar timings to 2016 with a final PMQ for May and then a handover on the afternoon of Wednesday 24th July.
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Based on reports of today's apparent conversation between Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel, the Northern Ireland continuation in the full customs union is a non-negotiable requirement of the EU and, as a consequence, the PM looks to be cornered into a no-deal Brexit.

The correspondents are all now postulating as to whether the PM will be forced to accept the extension request or run the risk of being ousted in a no-confidence vote, should be now proceed (as assumed) with a no-deal Brexit just to save his 31st October commitment.

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