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Granada North West Today
The period of sensitivity is 25 working days, and there are additional non-working days in Gibraltar in that period.

Are there any Ofcom mandated channels there ? I read recently Sky and BBC World had been removed from the cable network there ?

That was Sky (not sure about BBC) making a deal with a telecoms provider in Gibraltar which forced the unofficial/illegal rebroadcasters of their channels to remove all Sky channels from their package.

Unofficial provider - http://www.gibsat.com/
New official offering - https://www.gibtele.com/sofi/apps-and-channels
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Eddie Mair was discussing how he could fill the extra hour while he's 'covering for Nigel' yesterday.

I notice Jacob Rees Mog is doing his slot on Friday, although was he before? Though of course if there's a General Election he'll have to give that up too
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
EBU ....

The debate will be broadcast in the UK

on BBC Parliament...