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Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
What amuses me is the first couple of frames giving the address for Watchdog as Lime Grove Studios, W12 7RJ. That was TV Centre's postcode, LG was W12 8QT
Write that down in your copybook now.
Markymark Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Blimey! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a newscaster wearing a sweater and sports jacket before! The studio heating mustn’t have been working. Lol.

Looking at story 1, it was certainly cold outside!
TMD_24 Anglia (East) Look East
The government in Lebanon has resigned. Hala Gorani was anchoring coverage on CNNi and Richard Quest is taking over at 6pm.
Does Graham Norton have Norton Security installed on his computer?
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Ne1L C Recently warned Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I know the BBC gets a kicking a lot of the time, but I thought that last night's Ten was exceptional. Starting with a report by Quentin Sommerville - the snapshot of "what happened" and the reaction, then an explainer about the chemicals and how the explosion might have happened from David Shukman and experts. After that, a brilliant report on the wider context of a Lebanon and political instability by Jeremy Bowen, followed up with a live update from Carine Torbey on the situation. As a viewer, I couldn't ask for more.

For me, catching a well-edited network news programme is still preferable to hours of rolling news and speculation, sketchy online stories or hopeless social media 'moments'. Excellent reporting, well presented.

A very good point. Most news nowadays seems to be "cut and paste" with very little in the way of reportage. The recent daily news conferences from the government is one example.

It seems to me that the half hour run up to the conferences acted as huge "spoilers" which made the conferences themselves a waste of time. What I tended to do was watch the first 2-3 minutes of the conferences and switch over to watch The Chase.

Call me old fashioned but to me the news should be just that. Solid reports with verified research and actual facts .
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