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I know were keeping this thread UK based, but it shows the differences of World... I did capture a video, but it's taking a while, so here's some screenshots from World News which just Reithed... (Sorry I couldn't be bothered to crop them to 16:9)

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Video of the launch at noon of Reith on BBC World News. Not as nice a long playout of the refreshed countdown (or on the European Astra feed) as we got in the UK earlier, but you can't win em all!

Launch Switchover Video - 12 noon
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Is the 'GMT' and 'with Lucy Hockings' still in Gill Sans? Either way it doesn't match the font on the studio screens.

World has always seemed to have more freedom with its title sequences to help make each programme feel a bit different. I'd guess the thinking has been that with all the other graphics being consistent across the channel, the programme logos can be used to display some individual character. Gill feels like a suitable typeface for the logo of a programme called GMT, after all.
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One minute news update still features an old thumbnail, despite no longer using the World News branding in it whatsoever, in favour of generic "BBC News" branding.