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14th January 2013 - The Worlds Newsroom (January 2013)

Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
12noon on 14th January 2013 sees BBC World News broadcasting for the first time from New Broadcasting House. This is a thread discussing the the new graphics, music and studio. It will open shortly beforehand when the existing one will be closed.
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Bail Moderator Meridian (South) South Today

The handover from TVC to NBH, includes nicks sign off, countdown and GMT titles.
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Kevizz MS
The BBC World Partners (advertisers) website has updated with loads of photos, promos and 360 degree studio panoramas:
neonemesis London London
Really looking forward to hearing the new countdown. I hope someone can capture it for us!
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Alas, I am out of reach from TV today.

Can I just say: Good luck all!!

May God Bless the good ship, BBC World, and all who sail in her!

Good luck to all of us too in this thread.
@JamesWorldNews | #StayHomeSaveLives
JamesyFish West Country (East) Points West
Those promos look rather nice. Good to see Babita becoming a little more senior too. Will the 12pm TOTH come from studio B as it's GMT?
Moz Wales Today
Studio C looks tiny in that 360!
Kevizz MS
Other than a lovely closing shot of TVC, there wasn't much of a goodbye.
the eye World News
they should have had a shot from newsroom with all the lights going out or something lol
Kevizz MS
Oh my, how about that countdown. Very nice indeed.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Ooh shiny
No significant changes concerning the TOTH. DOGīs are looking very fresh and modern.

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