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Sally Bundock and Karin Giannone today. This could be a great pairing.

Karin is one of the best television news presenters in the UK today. She’s quiet and keeps a low profile, but is truly excellent at what she does.

She and Martine Croxall make it onto by “ubercool” list.
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BBC World News
It seems like a promising program. I imagine it's a program geared to those people who work at home, hence the Worklife title. Many people who work from home have that exact issue of when to turn off (more so I think than those who are in offices).
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BBC World News
It's a strange set up to have one presenter with two other co-presenters, in the first place. Why do they need 2 presenters for a 30 minute biz show?

Anyway, it will probably be another rotation of whoever's available, as usual.....