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A key component of Newsday’s original look was text keyed on on the left of the screen in London, and the right for Singapore. Hence the offset shot. For various reasons the text isn’t used as much as it was but the offset shot is still used because both studios use it.
Two minutes regions...
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That whole standing set up in London has been terrible since day 1. Standing next to the desk like that is silly and the background and graphics look amateurish.

Agreed it needs a new concept it just looks silly as you say.
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I think the original idea behind GMT was that it started at 12noon GMT and was supposedly anchored around that timezone being midway through the day in Europe and at the start of the day in the US.

Yes they used to open the programme with “it’s midday in London, 7am in New York and X o’clock TOP STORY LOCATION”.

It is a bit odd the way the programme changes studio half way through - and it looks much better in B IMO.

Also acted as the midday news on BBC Two as well
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Politics London seems to be a slot for World presenters to cover on a regular basis. Samantha Simmonds, Alpa Patel (ex WN) and now Geeta Guru-Murthy have presented the regional political show since it launched in January.