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Just found this YouTube video. Very confusing to have Lucy’s name on the titles instead of it being blank like the other programs when presenters are absent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sef0KNPUco

They are still at it three months on this is ridiculous don’t the bbc think this is ridiculous they should have alternative titles whey Lucy isn’t in.

That’s the problem with shows rooted with a presenter who then isn’t in, Impact with Yalda Hakim who spends more time presenting conferences overseas rather then present her own show.
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Not sure if this is a new announcement or not



Jolie will executive produce “BBC My World,” a program that explains the stories behind news and offers facts and information that helps kids over the age of 13 make up their own minds on pressing international issues. The series will tap the reporting of the BBC World Service and is a co-production with Jolie and Microsoft Education. The BBC will retain final editorial approval of content in the series.

The weekly half-hour program will be broadcast via BBC World News, the organization’s most-watched channel. It will air each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. eastern, and its content will be shared with BBC’s 42 different language services. It will also be made available via a YouTube channel and the BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom.

Radzi Chinyanganya, currently a presenter for BBC Sport, and formerly a presenter for the BBC’s flagship children’s program “Blue Peter,”and Nomia Iqbal, who anchors BBC Asian Network’s “The Big Debate,” a show centered on arts and culture, will anchor the program. In one episode, Chinyanganya examines video manipulation and gets “deepfaked” while in another, Iqbal travels to the Amazon rainforest to investigate whether it can survive an onslaught from logging, oil and mineral extraction and farming.

Each broadcast will be accompanied by a learning segment, and lesson plans will be made available through Microsoft Education

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So that’s where the Victoria Derbyshire programme budget is going paying Angelinas Hollywood wages Laughing

Joking aside just seen the trailer for it.
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Anyone spotted the product placement version of The Travel Show titles on BBC World News?

Prominent appearance of Turkish Airlines branded planes

The titles start with the Product Placement symbol - I was wondering how they would get away with it given the programme is also on BBC News in the UK, when it soon became clear that all you need to do is change the titles...!

They make three edits I think as you clearly see where the break is in the UK version, they produce one for world, one for UK and one for BBC One Breakfast / filler

Ironic given all the free advertising and product placement that happens once a year with Children in Need.....
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Can the bbc afford Angelina Jolie she must be getting paid more then Lineker...

According to the press release, "It is a co-production with Angelina Jolie and Microsoft Education, with the BBC retaining editorial control over all content."

So it sounds like Microsoft will be at least partially funding it, presumably with BBC World News also contributing, as they're showing it. So even though the BBC World Service is behind it, it doesn't sound like the entire burden will fall on the licence fee.
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