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It seems Focus on Africa will continue broadcasting throughout the holiday period. Although, some of the programmes will be pre-recorded specials rather than completely LIVE.

It looked live to me today but it was in Studio C with the bbc news colour scheme rather then the greens and the yellows Surprised
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BBC World News
The studios in a awkward shape and small room. I think the best thing would be to do LED tiles on three sides.

As for the control room any word if they’ll upgrade it to the point where they can originate programming without the need for London? There seem to have been instances in the past year when there was breaking news but they had to breakaway for WNA. I believe there were a few instances where a special program went out only to PBS stations or the North American feed.

Right now it seems like the cameras and monitor graphics are all that the gallery handles while NBH handles on screen graphics, playout of packages and outside sources.

Seeing mediaboy’s social media posts it looks like they are upgrading the WS galleries to Mosart and wonder if DC will follow suit. Or if they will go the Singapore route and use Caspar CG for graphics and Ravens (go Ravens! the NFL team) for packages and monitor walls?
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BBC World News
Matthew Amroliwala is presenting a generic bulletin in Studio A at 1730BST to cover the Trump impeachment trial and US-China trade while Focus on Africa is cancelled. I'm a bit puzzled why does he have to switch studios though because studio B would still be empty for use if Focus on Africa is cancelled?
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The BBC really makes some strange choices as to prioritisation at times. No other organisation would choose to use a secondary studio for the main feed, especially during major news coverage of high interest topics, in order for a niche programme broadcast to a small audience through secondary channels to remain in the main studio.
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Studio A is set up to go with rolling news and generic branding. Does it have the Focus on Africa set up, and do the production team for that show know how to get up any running in a few minutes in there?

Seems pretty sensible to me that the extra programme comes from the smaller studio while the larger one continues doing what it was scheduled to do.
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