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Don't recall seeing this shared on here before, but Clickspring have put some images up of the newish Washington set:

Shame we haven't seen them able to use the new set more flexibly yet - as predicted by some on here the screens move around and everything, and some nice-looking OTS graphics too (although see if you can spot the error in one of them...!). Thus far I think on air we've pretty much just seen a locked off wide shot and a close-up of the presenter in front of the screens.

As a nice little bonus, there are also some CGIs of the original design, including a top-down shot for the studio mockers and a mock-up of a US election night from Washington we never really saw!

I can't help but chuckle a bit when seeing the people in those renderings. Laura Trevelyan looks weird.
And here's Christian.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Quite like that more wooden look.

(I'm talking about the studio, not Christian Wink )
Be nicer and more tolerant to each other. Them's the rules.

23 days later

DTV Meridian (South) South Today
Very much a non-sequitur, but just occured to me that the Washington set has a strong 2003-2006 N6 done better vibe.

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