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BBC World News
Overnight the SD North American World News feed finally switched to 4:3 letter boxed 16:9 (before it was letter boxed 14:9). It’s very rare here for a cable channels SD feed to be transmitted in 16:9 SD in itself - it’s almost always letterboxed (digital subchannels are typically 16:9 SD). My TiVo allows me to zoom the 4:3 letterbox to fill the screen as if it was transmitted in 16:9 SD. However many cable boxes (including my X1) typically just offer an option to stretch the image to the 16:9 width resulting in an image as if you’re watching a widescreen movie.
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BBC World News
Seems like there’s no mention here - today’s daytime bulletins is presented from Studio B instead of Studio C. Seems like C is down for maintenance today. Kinda weird that they didn’t decamp to D or A instead, and that they have extra camera operators to work in the weekends.

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