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HTV West Points West
Is the Film Review done live or is it pre-recorded earlier?

I suppose when 5 Live's Kermode and Mayo moves to 1500-1700 in June it'll have to be live, or recorded before the radio show.

I believe it is live. I've noticed during the 5 on a Friday they always do a preview to Sportsday just before 17:45, something they never do on other days. I presume this is so Mark Kermode/Jason Solomons can get seated and ready.

Sometimes it is recorded after during the Six depending on breaking news
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BBC World News
World News is replaying the 4AM bulletin again at the bottom of the hour, with the ticker, which the playout is handled by Red Bee Pres.

For the NC, Studio C is replaying HARDtalk with a recorded strap on top and no ticker. Not sure if it’s the studio gallery that broke or Open Media.

At 0600 BST Red Bee Pres is replaying the 4AM bulletin for the third time again for World News.

The NC has switched studio output, joining Breakfast, without any problems.

P.S It seems Red Bee Pres has updated its recorded strap. It’s no longer a giant gray line that goes across the screen, but the one that the NC now uses, with a transparent white background that NC doesn’t have.

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BBC World News
Got to be something more fundamental than Studio C failing with decamping to E being available at that time

Almost seemed like they couldn’t get a line out to Red Bee (or whatever they’re called - Ericsson?) for World distribution given the two different program outputs at 0430GMT.
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