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UTV Newsline
Here is something interesting for you to read.

I saw some BBC World News Graphics in the Warner Brothers movie, Justice League, at my local cinema today in Dublin. I heard a female newsreader's voice reading a story about the Amazonians, which is Wonder Woman's homeplace, being under siege from Steppenwolf & his Parademons. I don't know who the newsreader is reading the story in this particular scene. Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, was doing the scene of carving out a large sculpture in an art & crafts room. All I could see on the portable TV in this scene was a 2013 blank live rolling news ticker with the BBC World News logo & a live onscreen bug.

I thought it looked very nice on the screen. I just thought that I can share that bit of info for you tonight. Wink
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Are there any guidelines as to what stories mean the London presenter goes first in Newsday over the Singapore presenter? I noticed on Sunday’s edition that London went first then Singapore but last night Singapore went first then London. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency. In one case, I saw Newsday scrapped all together replaced with a BBC News Special from C with Babita Sharma.
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A couple of fascinating videos of BBC World footage (including full news bulletins and other assorted presentation elements) from 1997 and 1999 here:

It's really great to see the flags era again. Watching these videos, it strikes me that BBC World News is a completely different channel in 2017. Whether it's just nostalgia, I don't know, but I really do miss those days on BBC World - a much simpler but altogether more impressive time for news presentation.
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