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A new thread for the launch of tomorrow's new show as detailed above.

In fact, Sally continues in a slot which she has occupied for the last 16 years or so. I'm pleased for her and it's great to see BBC World having faith in one of the longer serving and more established faces at the channel, a departure from more recent launches which featured new names and faces.

As for the look and feel of the programme, Sally's Twitter has a few images of the redone Studio C. Eager to hear the theme music from tomorrow too.

As a big fan of World and The World Today which formerly filled this slot, looking forward to the launch tomorrow.

Post aplenty, Please, as alas I'll be away from the tv.
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Been watching since the start.

A few little stumbling over words from Sally, which isn't a surprise with a brand new format.

The vamp at the start of the hour is lovely, and reminds me of The World Today from the red and cream era with the deep bass tone. Actually the whole music package is just lovely.

Titles I would say are an evolution of what we have seen before. Although there also seems to be a nod to BBC Breakfast circles in the titles, including below the strap and ticker when the headlines are put on screen

There is a different London view on the video wall.

Really nice relaunch of this long standing slot.

I have no way of video capture I'm sorry
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There is also a sports briefing with its own sting which is the titles globe with red and yellow rings around it.

I'm not 100% if it's not an opt in/out thing as there appeared to be a lot of video footage and an obvious place where world show a world version of the sport briefing from Salford
In the HH:30 slot the business blue joins the red in the titles. With another lovely remix of the news and business themes
I also realise I seem to be channeling Victoria Derbyshire this morning and using the word "lovely" a lot!

Aplogies I will scrub myself thoroughly in the shower shortly Very Happy
The Briefing Opening

Business Briefing Opening

The sport briefing element appears to be pre-recorded, presumably by the overnight sports presenter. The sports graphics are very clever.

The "news briefing" global papers review from 05:45 is repeated at 06:45 (as was the case previously).

All in all a good quality production.
the eye
Lovely music but sorry, am not a fan of any of the graphics or titles. They just look like all those crappy mocks on YouTube.
Notice the lack of a poppy at TOTH and it’s appearance at the BOTH, standby for daily mail meltdown 🙄
Mike W
Lovely music but sorry, am not a fan of any of the graphics or titles. They just look like all those crappy mocks on YouTube.

I agree, the titles look like the Look North titles that one of those programmes was using, very simple attempt to emulate the Lambie Nairn style, but virtually no depth to them at all.
So two different pieces of music for two half hour programmes - a nice achievement!

Agreed with the others about the titles - the stock photos just don't work that well.

What I am intrigued by is that with all these new titles being made (including Afternoon Live on the News Channel) is that they will all have to be remade at some point using the BBC Reith font. I'm surprised they didn't use the opportunity to start sneaking it in but I suppose at least it maintains consistency until it happens.
I'm liking this.

I know the programme does its job as it is, there's nothing inherently wrong with it and there's a lack of funding, but I wish someone would now turn their attention to refreshing the look of Breakfast.

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