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BBC World breakdown

(September 2004)

itsrobert Founding member Granada North West Today
BBC World have just had a minor breakdown - the news finished on schedule, followed by the normal weather forecast. It's after this that it all went wrong. It went straight to black after the weather ident, and then abruptly cut into a repeat of the weather forecast with Philip Avery. When that ended, there was no weather ident, and so we saw Philip pack up and walk off, before it cut into a breakdown slide with the accompanying music. That was on for a couple of minutes, before World Business Report started....unusually, with Nik Gowing (the news presenter). Not sure what happened - perhaps the on duty business presenter wasn't available?
harshy Founding member
Wow, I wish I had saw that, when I was in an Indian hotel, I saw a breakdown over there, there was some problem with the pre-recorded edition of Hardtalk, the animated ident with that weird music is quite good to watch though!
David Jonathan World News
BTW why are they showing "The World" twice this week (1800 GMT & 1900 GMT)?
Londoner London London
Because BBC Four is carrying the last week of the Proms every night this week, so is broadcasting The World at 1900 BST.
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Fabulous to see Zeinab on The World last night. Excellent presenter.
JamesWorldNews Central World News
I can recall several cock-ups in the virtual era on BBC World, including the now famous shots of someone vacuuming the studio behind Alistair Yates, and the time that Adrian Finighan (who did the business news in those days) dropped his remote control and he couldnt change the markets graphics screens.

On the old The World Today with Nici Marx and Donald MacCormack, Richard Quest used to appear on a Friday night to do the business news segment in the studio, and you could alway see Nici trying not to laugh as he would settle into his off-camera position alongside her and then drop his papers and bend down to pick them up from under the desk and his head would pop into shot whilst Nici was doing a piece to camera.

Richard Quest was alawys cocking something up when he presented on the BBC but was a delight to watch.

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