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BBC World News
This hour started out briefly with Duncan Golestani starting to speak before cutting to live programming starting with the opening sting.
Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a VO/SOT when you’re a PKG.
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STV Central BBC World News
7UK hour with Krupa Padhy. Straight into the full length theme music. No headline sequence. Static camera opening wideshot. And straight to a static tight headshot of Krupa delivering the first story.

Clearly still having problems.

Second story also tight headshot. Wide shot for interview with Afghanistan Correspondent.
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Yes of course, those countless thousands of hours of trouble free broadcasting from BH..
.. Questions must be asked in Parliament.

I know it’s not fun when things go wrong at any place, and system implementors must be tearing their hair out but as a mere viewer it’s fascinating when things go wrong, and how they deal and go about still getting a broadcast out there even though it’s not fully working.