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Mike W5,034 posts since 30 Apr 2006
London London

Excuse the bandicam watermark - shows the opt and crash to BBC London.

Someone leaving something on a server by mistake or as a placeholder that's made it to air? Find it difficult to believe that the BBC Coding and Mux has been compromised, or even a local BBC gallery...
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Inspector Sands14,815 posts since 25 Aug 2004
Going by what the newsreader says it wasn't a prank or a 'hijack' but some sort of bizarre fault.

It sounds like they knew there might have been an issue but gave it a try and then it was obvious that they weren't on air properly and gave up. Probably it was routed to line downstream of the gallery so they weren't seeing it in the gallery before hand

As to what it was and how come it went to air, no idea. Maybe it was something jokey recorded for a leaving tape or similar.