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Consideration needs to be given to the size of the UK on screen. We are not all sitting in front of 50" screens.

They did that last time when they tilted the country to make it fit on the screen better and look how that went down...

And the current map is very similar to the 4:3 electronic graphics that were launched in the mid-80s, and effectively lasted until the early 00s with sides added for 16:9. TVs were a lot smaller in the mid-80s and we seemed to cope OK...

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A Met Office forecast managed to sneak out on the Beeb last week, on Wednesday's PM on Radio 4.

Liam Dutton was on as a guest to talk about his annoyance with newspapers reporting the "Beast from the East 3", down the line from ITN, and ended up doing a forecast when Louise Lear didn't turn up. No warning, no prep, and he didn't crash the bongs.


It was revealed the following day that it wasn't a set up, Louse genuinely had been delayed due to having trouble with the TV graphics and lost track of time so didn't make it to the studio

Write that down in your copybook now.
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I heard Liam on Radio Four last week.
I wondered at the time, if this was a total 'panic' measure by the production team of PM to get the weather on the air - or if switching to a Met Office forecast (presented by a Met Office forecaster) is the actual back-up proceedure.

But, it's not like there was a serious technical or presenter reason to miss the forecast, it was a case of being too wrapped up with the graphics, and not noticing the clock.

Suspect as it's a one-off, no blood will have been spilt (and the very well thought out 'jokey levels of back-up' sketch the next day, indicates no damaged done), but you can't help but feel that if no forecaster appears in the PM studio by 5.55 in future, a call down to the weather centre will be made - instead of calling Liam off the subs bench over at ITN.
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Liam was on as a pre-arranged guest, so I think it was just something that happened in the circumstances. Eddie Mair had a weather script as a back up, and they did get Louise on the line from the weather centre in time to do a shortened forecast, but Liam had it covered!
Write that down in your copybook now.