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So far it doesn't look likely that the new graphics will be using Reith which surprises me. I would've thought that the relaunched webpages and the app would've been using it from the start.

Reportedly News will adopt Reith somewhere in 2018. My guess is when News updates to the new font, so will Weather.
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When MeteoGroup take over the on-screen Weather, and those new graphics appear, is probably when the site and app will use the font.

That could happen when News refreshes and moves to Reith, or the two things will happen separately.
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iPhone app has been updated...

Not on my iphone it hasn't been, and in any case is that screenshot real ?
The clock and signal strength icons are on the wrong side ?

He’s got the iPhone X.

Perhaps the update has been pushed to iPhone Xs first, given that one of the main changes is full iPhone X support. Until this update, the app didn't fill the X's screen. I can confirm I got the update this morning on mine.