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BBC Weather changes preview

Website displaying pages with Meteo data on adapted URL (January 2018)

Neil__ Granada North West Today
Looks like we might have a hint of how the BBC weather graphics will look once Meteo takes over supplying data.
The BBC website appears to be running the Met Office and Meteo versions of weather in parallel, with a slight variation in the URLs.
These links may not work properly for everyone - my other half can only see the Meteo page with either version of the URL.

Current Met Office page for Stretford, Manchester:

Meteo page:

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NthnRw West Country (West) Spotlight
The new pages also have a MeteoGroup flavicon
Spencer Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I see the animated weather map features green land, rather than the much maligned brown.

Surprised there’s no use of the Reith font on there yet.
mdtauk London London
The Bookmarklet that was posted for iPlayer, works on this page also. The text on the Map doesn't change though
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Those BBC weather symbols are never going to die are they?
Be nicer and more tolerant to each other. Them's the rules.
mdtauk London London
Those BBC weather symbols are never going to die are they?

Two words

Brand Equity

Lol Very Happy
Jake Central (East) East Midlands Today
NicB1971 Central (West) Midlands Today
The extra "/0/" in the weblink takes you to the new site which is much better in my opinion. I prefer the ITV Weather graphics on screen rather than the BBC's as it seems much clearer yet that is MetOffice - very strange why the BBC didn't adapt their presentation. Confused !
TVViewer256 Meridian (South) South Today
No more brown land!
Neil__ Granada North West Today
Jake posted:

Quote from that post:
What made all this possible are the real advances in app and digital technology that we’ve utilised by redesigning our digital architecture. For the aficionados out there, cloud technologies have changed how the BBC develops and deploys software. We’ve used our cloud services platform provider and the BBC’s own deployment system Cosmos, along with the CloudFormation infrastructure management tool, to rebuild our new services on Weather. This means we can now iterate and scale in a fast and efficient way.

Somehow using cloud services and CloudFormation really is appropriate in this context Smile
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DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Interesting to maintain the original and new pages in tabs online and compare and contrast their forecasts and the outcome. For this morning here several differences and Meteogroup appear to have come out winners.

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