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Wales Today has finally gone HD. Just watched the main programme from last night, a vast improvement.

The 1330 was still upscaled.

The only native HD studio programme on BBC Wales I thought, is the Wednesday night 'Wales Live' show, that uses BBC Wales's HD OB truck as a 'drive in'. There's only about two years left at Llandaff, I'm sure there's been no HD upgrade to the studio facilities (apart from probably the DTL interview cam(s) )
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HTV Wales Wales Today
I know it’s technically not bbc breakfast but it’s the most appropriate thread with words of rebranding ad changes. Does Bbc Wales news have a new theme tune?


Erm, surely an existing BBC Wales Today thread (if there is one) or creating a new BBC Wales Today thread (if there isn't already one) is the only logical place for your post.

Your assertion that a BBC Breakfast thread is the "most appropriate" one for a query regarding Wales Today's theme tune, makes about as much sense as posting a Top Gear query in a CBeebies thread.

EDIT: Just had a quick look at this evening's WT on iPlayer. Same theme tune as ever.

There's a new theme tune.