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Anglia (East) Look East

Did the launch of Timeline go without any mention, or did I miss it? I'm not going to comment on the content but branding/set/graphics wise it looked very nice I thought! The music had the lightest hint of the BBC News David Lowe about it, which I thought was very nice.

But, most impressively, I think the set they're using is a very very VERY heavily redressed Reporting Scotland studio! I may be entirely wrong, but I think they have done a heck of a job redressing the set so it looks almost unrecognisable! Compare this:


with this (from a Street view/panorama thing of BBC Scotland):


...and I would say we're seeing the same basic set, just looking very different, with a new rostrum, some of the screens obscured slightly and a whole load of stuff covering up the lightboxes. If i'm right, this is seriously impressive!
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BBC World
Other programme from right hand side. Sportsceen, Sunday politics scotland, holyrood, etc its a well used studio.


Well that makes it much easier And they don't have to race against the clock while leaving parts of it up during Reporting Scotland.

Scotland really does have a nice network set.
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Studio C has two sets, that face each other ('hard' and 'soft'), and more or less look the same. It looks to me
they redressed what's called the 'soft set' ?

I remember when a news programme I used to work on got a new set and I described half of it as 'the soft set' and my boss told me 'we don't call it the soft set because the stories we do from there won't be soft' Rolling Eyes
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