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Anglia (East) Look East
Look East has also updated its website, including the West edition...

Presumably they will need a third version to cover Breakfast, lunchtime and weekend bulletins. I hope they also provide all copies to Cambridge so we have consistency when bulletins are covered by them instead of Norwich.

There's no mention of Cambridge in the bottom cap!

No but they are all places on the west half of the region like those in the top are all in the East. Youd expect them to alternate for the wider region.
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All regions will have same brand new David Lowe music. It’s good

Changes happen at lunch, with Breakfast updates from Tuesday.

Well, wouldn't say it's brand new, but it is for some.

It is a totally new mix, based on an existing mix that’s used by another region.

There’s also new sombre and Christmas mixes to look out for!
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HTV West Points West
If it’s anything like Look North Yorkshire expect it to sound like someone has got the indian tablas out.

That's a harder sounding version of the Spotlight theme tune.

Only South East Today have a really distinctive and unique theme so maybe its a remix of that?
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