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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West
It'd be nice if all BBC English Regions had totally consistent title sequence templates and theme music arrangements, but the Beeb seem to be chronically incapable of such an approach.

EDIT: Seeing that NWT screenshot got me thinking... Why the blithering flip does the North West have the "Today/Tonight" title variation, when none* of the other "...Today" regions (e.g. Wales, Midlands, South, etc) utilise such a variant?

(*Although didn't East Midlands randomly introduce this fairly recently, but only for the late weeknight bulletin?)
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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West
Spotlight will presumably no longer have the extra bit at the start of their 6:30pm titles (with the map of the SW peninsula), then?

On which particular date are the new regional title sequences meant to debut?
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Central (West) Midlands Today
I still think if they are going to be the Headline straps as in the guidelines shown above, then they appear old fashioned to me and more like out of a documentary from the 1980's than a modern news service.

Whereas this white and red style mock as on page 63 looks so much more modern and sleek.

Couldn’t disagree more. I think you’re out of touch with modern branding trends. And what appears will appear looks very sleek and contemporary, much more so than that spoof mock.
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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West

Ah yes, the famous London Boroughs of Surrey and Hertfordshire!

That graphic perfectly sums up the London bias. The internal boroughs of Greater London are shown individually, but the other counties of the region are simply shown as the whole-county name rather than any town/city names from therein. Rolling Eyes

I wonder whether the London-orbital BBC Local Radio stations (e.g. Three Counties, etc) rate particularly well, simply because they actually sodding well mention news & information from localities that are pretty much ignored by the TV news programme?
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