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Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)

At least they did a better job than Reporting Scotland, which used the 2008 prototype theme today.
*cough* I can even hear the 1999 theme *cough*
UPD: here is the prototype theme

It doesn't sound quite the same to me:


At least they re-rendered the place names with Reith and didn't leave them in Gill like the main NC titles.
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HTV West Points West
I hate this new music it’s all over the place. After watching that YouTube clip of 02-05 regions intros, modernise that music and bring it back.

Agreed. I consider the music that some regions such as NWT and South Today were using, and also the unique theme that Spotlight were using, to be far superior to what SET were using. Can't quite believe that the excellent Spotlight music has now been ditched.

Why the SET version was used as the basis for the new England-wide theme is beyond me.
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Granada North West Today
The late titles from a few more regions, as aired last night:-

North West Tonight
Given it's not completely dark in most shots, I wonder if they might have an ever darker set for the winter.

* *

Points West

* *

Look North
North East and Cumbria aired no special titles for the late bulletin last night.

* *

* *
East Yorks and Lincs
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Those lower thirds are too high and most of the regions using ancient kit can only fade in out the lower thirds, the theme tune dosent sound right, I thought the previous theme with the indian tablas were much better!

I like how North West Tonight go out of the titles and into the studio shot with the bbc news logo still on there for a few extra seconds, that needs implementing in all English regions.
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Not surprised in the least.

The implementation of Reith didn’t happen, which is what I was referring to.

Well no, and it won’t be next week either, but you did get new titles (of sorts) even if it was a golf themed variation. That’s what I meant.
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London London
Quite like the new look.
The SET theme music always seemed one of the best regional news themes so it’s nice to hear a very similar theme now being used by most regions. It has a lot more oomph to it than many recent David Lowe themes

The images used by most regions too look much sharper than what came before and feel fresh as the old titles were starting to feel tired IMO

I’m in Northern Ireland to watch some of the golf this week so missed out on most of the Reith fun but not surprised BBC NI are putting their focus on covering the events in Portrush (which they are doing heavily this week) rather than on new graphics which will I’m sure come in time.
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