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timbouk55 posts since 7 Jul 2005
Just watching Points West and it appears to be full of you tube videos and national stories with a very weak local link?. Currently they are having a Q & A with a local travel agent about how to get a refund on your overseas summer holiday.
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Look further South West and see what Daisy Griffith is up to
She did part of an excellent webcast for RTS Devon and Cornwall..
It will be in their YouTube soon
But here is a report

But by using zoom / Skype and getting the local reports in ...
And taking and active part in the communities ...
And not having to drive from Plymouth to Penzance to capture the story for Spotlight
timbouk55 posts since 7 Jul 2005
When I meant you tube I meant the content seems to be all bout people making you tube videos during the lockdown not the way reports are compiled from home.
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BBC London did a story about a TikTok dancer who performs as 80s pop stars for his neighbours as the final story in the running order earlier this week. No issue with them having some stories which are lighter during a pandemic.