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harshy6,369 posts since 24 Mar 2001
Where will World News be getting its sport bulletins from during this period? OB from Rio, the sport newsroom or the second sport studio in Salford?

It looks like they moved to the second studio yesterday, must be from there then, I can't imagine them doing what they did for London.
Stuart7,395 posts since 13 Oct 2003
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They might have some balcony or studio in Rio to anchor from.

I would hope that they've hired a 'bubble studio' in Rio from which to present their Olympic coverage.

They've sent a strong presentation team out there, so it would look unprofessional to have them perched on a balcony or under a makeshift tent. Mad

This is NBC's main location studio.

Which happens to have an alternative 'beachside' balcony view:
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Josh1,192 posts since 21 Dec 2014
Surely the "new" titles will just be the Olympic title sequence with the word 'Breakfast' slapped on at the end OR, even more underwhelming, the usual Breakfast title sequence with the Olympic logo slapped on at the end (as at London 2012)?

James Mobbs often Tweets about Breakfast as if a new look is around the corner; it never is.

You do realise this is on his SnapChat.......
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They might have some balcony or studio in Rio to anchor from.

Talking about that, I notice that tower block in Stratford still has its distinctive big windows many flights up standing out from all the other windows. I had thought the block was supposed to be being pulled down which is why the BBC were able to use it.

The BBC News coming live from a studio located in a former high rise council flat is something which is still remarkable now and probably will go down in history and never be repeated.