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Westcountry Spotlight
Like the little virtual sports area. That has some potential other uses too. I think the red and yellow bars are real, and it's only what's between them that's virtual.

It's fair to say it's not perfectly synced yet, but it would look so much better without the camera moves, which do highlight the fact that the virtual is about a split second behind the real.

UTV's set has always looked slightly crappy, but these new BBC sets are really good, and even put the current ITV regional set to shame.
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UTV Newsline
The Euro 2016 bit looks good. The sort of thing you could imagine being done in A at NBH but the rectangular sport section looks out of place when news and sport news is circular now.

They used a curved VR set last night (with Julian O'Neill reporting) to illustrate some of the main headlines from the budget. I suspect we'll be seeing much more of this particular VR set.

Not quite sure why they've opted for the rectangular arrangement for the sports segment. And unfortunately the presenter's close proximity to the physical green sheeting is only exacerbating the green reflection on their face and clothes.

Technical question: is there any particular (technical) reason why bright green is the preferred colour for CSO/VR sets? Red would've been a good alternative, given the amount of red also present in the real and virtual sets. A slight red reflection on the main set from the VR section of the studio wouldn't look quite as out of place.
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Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
I wonder when UTV will be getting a new set. After all the current one is now 7 years old and looking rather tired.

Probably next time all the ITV regional news rebrands, now that ITV plc own UTV.
As long as they finally upgrade their graphics to HD. That Newsline logo on screen permanently, 4:3 safe and jagged edges is an eyesore, and a relic of the past. We don't need it on screen, so please, do away with it. Have it come up where it is now when the aston appears to give a name or something, but have it disappear again.
Why do they use a DOG anyway? The other regions don't.