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Central (West) Midlands Today
Couldn't find a suitable thread so started a new one...

BBC One NI lost the sound from the News at Ten, during Laura Kuenssberg's report, instead we heard the sound of the Newsline presenter mouse clicking and tapping at a keyboard for a few minutes, she briefly appeared in vision before cutting back to the Ten and eventually getting the sound back.

(I have no idea why it is flipped, this was my second attempt at uploading a video that's perfectly fine on my desktop)
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I'm making assumptions here about what might have caused that, but do BBC galleries get any warning light etc under the control of pres when they are on air these days? I know they used to.

I've no idea about Belfast but it was the case at TVC until the turn of the century.

There were control lines that triggered the on air lights in the studios when they were on air. For various reasons it was discontinued and of course these days every studio except news is effectively an OB. I think the weather studios might have been an exception, press still start a timer in the weather studio that counts down their bulletins.

I think BBC radio in W1 has an auto red light system