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HTV West Points West
I think World News Today would be better in the OS slot in the pre-100 Days format
World News Today would be better in a graveyard, it is even more outdated than the generic world bulletins and they could do with a rebrand really.

When it was at its peak in 2012-13 it was an hour of news, business, in-depth interviews, arts and sport. More Newsnight than it is now, I hope one day that returns. It had great coverage of the Arab Spring and African, European News
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Sorry, I know I'm incredibly late to the party here but the opening titles to the Nine are just awful, absolutely dreadful. I completely get what they were trying to achieve but boy it doesn't work.

First time I saw them my reaction was genuinely laughter, which I’m not sure was the intention.

Even later to the party but agreed 100%. To me it comes across as rather pretentious and more than a little patronising - "Ooh, look at us, our news is for the people!" I think it might work much better if they used pictures of the day's news instead (or even, perhaps, if they're that insistent on showing random people's faces, to intercut pictures of the news inbetween the faces).
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