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BBC World
Maybe it’s me but the photo looks like one set builders would make. I’m sure when they designed the set they decided to make a desk for elections - whenever they might be. It’s probably sitting in storage somewhere now.

If you know you will be doing some sort of election coverage or panel show you might as well design and order the desk now - so you’ll have it whenever it’s needed. Probably also would cost less if it and the remain set are designed/built at the same time as opposed to having it built which may incur additional costs.
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Don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a VO/SOT when you’re a PKG.
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Is someone within the BBC expecting a big election.
That is big news. I wonder who will get her job, and will the two sallys still do Thursday amd Fridays.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
I'd like to see them take the opportunity to completely rethink Rep Scot. It's a tarnished brand and the ratings are slipping badly - particularly in Central Scotland. I'm not a fan of the new dual-headed dual-location STV News, but it seems to be paying-off massively for STV.

BBC Scotland should push the button and now go for it with a Scottish Six. Call it 'The SIx', present it from BBC Scotland Channel's news set. It provides a perfect platform to create a solid, standalone BBC Scotland News brand, as well as giving a much-needed profile boost to the new channel's output.

Alas, none of this will happen.
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London London
What The Nine has shown is how provincial Reporting Scotland actually is.

With the sudden departure of Jackie Bird, I hope the bulletin is given a much needed modern revamp that takes it away from being more of a English regional bulletin which happens to cover the whole of Scotland and more open looking as The Nine.
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