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It’s a decent enough idea but only the BBC could take that and make it clunky and awkward.

It’d work better as a back half-hour show with a focus on more obscure stories, I don’t think it works as a way of presenting actual news.
harshy Founding member
Outside Source comes originally from the BBC World Service radio programme (now known as BBC OS) which involved Ros Atkins (now Nuala McGovern) presenting the programme from a desk in the middle of the newsroom rather than from a studio.

The idea was that they could then draw on the expertise of the World Service journalists from the newsroom somewhat more easily than in a studio environment.

The TV programme did do that a lot when it was on the balcony, with specialist correspondents and editors being interviewed more than would have happened in the normal bulletin.

And to be fair to Ros Atkins and the Outside Source team, they also did a lot of research of social media and looked behind some of the stories. Look at his twitter feed for the in-depth analysis that they did of the Australian fires not too long ago.

It was slightly more than “fiddling and faffing”.

That was then but now it’s just bbc news with an outside source badge on it, he dosent even get to fiddle and faff with a screen, can’t they use the catwalk and present it from there without touching the big screen, at least then it looks close.
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At the moment, with a few exceptions, all World programmes are being done as single presenter, news style programmes. This is so that any directors don’t need specialist programme knowledge and need less prep time. It’s all in a bid to reduce the number of people needed to be in the building. OS in particular required a lot of prep and included lots of different working practices so was done by only some of the team. Keeping the name and some of the Editorial clip based style (rather than package based) meant the show could be brought back in this form.
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Bbc Arabic is in HD now, when did this start?
JF World News
Katty has also just confirmed the programme with no name at 21:00 tonight
Katty has also just confirmed the programme with no name at 21:00 tonight

Also mentioned on the One after talking about the Democratic convention

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