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It is possible to ‘fight the good fight’ without rocking the boat in the manner that Carrie Gracie and certainly Samira Ahmed did. I would add, however, that both Samira Ahmed and Jeremy Vine were represented by the same agent. Though it would be highly inappropriate and unethical (such as it is) to use the latter’s remuneration as leverage for the former, the agents should shoulder some of the blame. They should be working to maximise their clients’ earnings.

Not obtuse. we just disagree. you need people to rock the boat with any cause. The 'ultimately I think they've lost respect' line is unsubstantiated nonsense.
Just think some people on this forum have an issue with female broadcasters who don't keep their heads down.

I said I failed to see the issue with Brekkie's post - which both articulated and summarised Carrie Gracie's own comments. Moreover, Brekkie recognised that both women had made their point but, in his opinion , they had lost respect. I questioned how it was that you could extrapolate a position ("You've made your point women, now pipe down") from a singular expression of opinion by Brekkie. The qualifier "I think" is important - it elevates the comment from the "unsubstantiated nonsense" to which you refer and makes it an expression of free thought.

I'll put it another way. There is no difference between Brekkie's comment that "ultimately I think they've lost respect" and the comment "Just think some people on this forum have an issue with female broadcasters who don't keep their heads down." Who said that? Oh. You. It's an expression of your free thought.

Best not express an opinion on here - you get hung, drawn and quartered these days for thinking. Very Happy
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Cost cutting review temporarily “on-hold”, according to a statement from Tony Hall.

It'll be interesting to see if any of the temporary measures put in place due to Coronavirus become permanent as a cost-saving reason. For instance I believe several of the BBC radio stations are now sharing a news bulletin, which may be why Jeremy Vine now doesn't commence until after the midday bulletin finishes.
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That's correct.
From the 01.00 bully last Friday, Radio Two, Three (some Radio Four) and Radio Five Live all share the same top of the hour news broadcasts.

Not quite right - Radio 2 and Five Live are sharing the same bulletins; Radio 4 is taking a cutdown script of those bulletins which are read by somebody else; same for Radio 3 which has retained its own newsreaders.
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