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As of writing this (Feb 0Cool BBC National bulletins (ie. those on BBC One, including Breakfast) are coming from different studios. The weekend and One o'clock news are coming from the News 24 studio, whilst the other bulletins are coming from TC7.

This is to allow the national news studio N6) to be refurbished, prior to BBC News 24 eventually moving from it's current location (NCool into news studio 'N6'. Once this move is complete the Ten o'clock news will also come from the (new) News 24 studio.

The vacated N8 news studio will then be refurbished. Once this refurbishment is complete BBC World will move from it's current location (outside of Television Centre if I recall) into N8. The vacated BBC World studios will then be 'mothballed'.

...Hope that explain things for anyone confused.
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I thought this warranted it's own thread, as not to muddle re-branding discussion with day-to-day talk in the BBC News General thread.

An interesting paragraph in today's Observer:

The BBC, which is in the process of rebranding its entire news output to imbue it's family of news programmes, including local bulletins, Today and Newsnight, with a stronger sense of collective identity... does not plan to recruit new faces, nor introduce new titles , but some hard-hitting reports.

So we are probably looking at just a new set. It talks about a stronger sens of collective identity, but News 24 and the Nationals already share practically identical title sequences. So I assume we're looking at a shared studio, and a different feel and content of programmes across the board, rather than just the appearance?
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Hermes posted:
No, afaik there will be new titles, I think that article isn't quite right.

I personally don't see the need for new titles. They were changed a year ago, they work perfectly, the music while not as good as it was in 1999, it still does the job. All they need to do is change the background image/set around a little and do some upgrades for the News 24 move. The BBC News brand is pretty strong as it is.
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What I was expecting was same titles, graphics, for News 24, but individual titles for the One, Six, and Ten, to make them more distinct and unique. But if we're looking at a closer identity then that could be wrong!
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If it's no new titles but just a stonger sense of identity, then maybe it's just part of that thing where they now have namecheck "BBC News" at the start of bulletins on the radio, which apparently didn't go down well with Today listeners.
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Moz posted:
Also News 24 becoming just BBC News?

I hope not, I think that would be a bad move. It wouldn't stop people calling it 'News 24' - it would become like UKTV Gold - still being called by its old name years later. Plus it would be throwing away an extremely strong brand which has taken years to build up.
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