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i-lied553 posts since 22 Oct 2012
Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Well they can't exactly have 2 News at Nines on the News Channel can they (since the one at 9:00am has launched since the last clock change.)

This is true. Also, the back half hour of WNA could be relevant to some who are interested. Now it’s the usual OS broadcast for the whole hour. Maybe this could be more permanent? I suspect though the US schedule is fixed.
SuperSajuuk228 posts since 24 Feb 2018
STV North Reporting Scotland
Is Sophie Raworth still the main newsreader for News at one? She seems to mainly on the six or ten these days.

Don’t believe so, it would normally be Jane Hill or Reeta Chakrabarti, but with Jane on what is presumably a sabbatical and Reetw mostly on NC shifts, it’s become a "whoever is available for normal network bulletin shifts"
AlexS670 posts since 19 Oct 2016
Central (East) Midlands Today
Who has officially took over as the Friday host of the Six and Ten now that Fiona doesn’t do it anymore, will that have any bearing on it?

I think it is mainly either Sophie, Reeta & Clive looking over the past few weeks

Friday 6 and 10 seem to be Clive if he is about that week or Sophie on the 6 and Reeta on the 10 if not. the 1 is usually Reeta or Ben Monday to Thursday and Kate or Ben on Fridays (and not infrequently Simon at Westminster).