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Don't think it was ever mentioned in this thread, but Michelle Fleury returned to Business reporting in New York as of 12th November (if I'm remembering correctly). Glad to see her and Samira all back to action and presenting most of the business bulletins from New York again Very Happy
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Yes I think it's only been since 100 Days began that the News Channel has taken the same programme also.

Yes, historically News 24 always did its own thing at 7pm.

When BBC4 started up in 2002, BBC World produced a specially branded bulletin focusing on international news and analysis, which was actually very good. Curiously, the programme was branded differently on each channel - it was "BBC World News" on BBC World and "BBC Four News" on BBC4. Somehow they managed to play out two versions of the titles simultaneously, although I've never been able to figure out how! Unless BBC World Pres had something to do with it? I think N9 used to play out the BBC4 branded version.

That rings a vague bell - I think World Pres did play out separate titles for a time ...

It was only the very opening sting that had separate branding - the titles after the headlines said simple "BBC" (probably why those unusued titles went unused). So it seems likely that BBC World pres played their own sting and then went to the studio for the rest of the show which is a lot easier than jumping in for the main titles and then back out again.
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Yeah, I think that's why I was so cheesed off when it was replaced in January 2004 with "The World". That fantastic original music lasted less than 2 years on air. There was also a gorgeous closing version which I can't seem to find an example of on YouTube.

Incidentally, I felt the same way again with ITV News in 2009. They'd gone to all the trouble of relaunching News at Ten in January 2008 with one of the best theme tunes they'd had since the 1990s - not to mention the marvellous opening titles - only for them to replace it less than 2 years later.

I wonder why broadcasters do that? They absolutely nail the branding, then dump it quickly. Yet the inferior branding that replaces it lasts for years and years! One of life's mysteries!

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