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I assume that Gavin will count as one of the three redundancies from news channel staff that management wanted as part of the cost cutting measures.

Well, yes.
I'm not sure where they think theres room for another 2 (unless some of the relief presenters are still news channel staff), considering the news channel is now down to 8 (yes eight including Victoria Derbyshire) presenters with their own shifts (Joanna G, Annita M, Victoria D, Martine C, Jane H, Maxine M, Simon M, and Clive M).

To make these savings there needs to be posts closed. Clearly we expect one to be the final double headed news channel shift bur could one of the weekend posts be saved by merging news channel and world?

Am I correct in thinking many World weekend summaries are very short? If so could we see bulletins open with the existing World summary and the rest of the half hour being more new channel focused?
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Jane Hill and Annita McVeigh presenting together this afternoon, which I think is the first time 2 females have presented together (except for unscheduled breaking news simulcasts) since the move to NBH.

It is atleast the second time Sophie Long & Carrie Gracie did one morning together soon after the move to broadcasting house *
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The proposals were (as I recall) for a reduction of three news channel presenters, while world news would lose two news presenters and one business presenter.

To answer an earlier question, at weekends BBC World News has a mix of full 26 minute bulletins, 10 minute bulletins and 5 minute bulletins.

We will have to wait and see what happens.
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Tim Willcox presenting World News America from Washington.

For some reason I thought he'd left the BBC.

You might be confusing him for Chris Eakin

No I knew Chris Eakin had left. For some reason I thought Tim had too since he no longer appears on the News Channel (what a change to just a few years ago, eh) and didn't realise he was still around.