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Interesting comms failure on Newsday tonight. Rico did the midnight opening and ten minutes of it and then as Babita put it, went for a coffee and got lost. Babita promised to find him in time for the next edition of Newsday but only Babita did the opening. I think personally she's done well on her own and possibly works better on Newsday in this way.
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So Maxine now 10am - 2pm with the new person (I forget her name) 2pm - 6pm So what happened to Gavin?

New person... Lukwesa Burak

Lukwesa has presented all of the weekend shifts at one point or another over the last few months however I'd be surprised if Lukwesa was the permanent presenter, as bringing in an additional presenter when you already have permanent presenters without shifts and efficiency savings are needed is frankly absurd. As for Gavin he was still on dateline this morning and presented the '5' and film review yesterday.
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So I'm guessing Gavin must be the axed weekend newsreader and a victim of the further cuts that were announced in October? Although as stated above he's still doing News at Five, the Film Review and Dateline.

Unless dateline can be recorded on Fridays I'd imagine this change would cost the BBC more not less.

I don't know when they could record it on a Friday considering it was in E.

Did Maxine do the TOTH on Saturday after Dateline from the catwalk? That's usually a clue that Dateline is live.