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Please don’t misunderstand me. My suggestion wasn’t, in anyway way, a criticism of the hard that going on in front of the camera or indeed behind the scenes.

I just think it’s an interesting talking point (irrespective of the reason for simulcast) that the news channel isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago and maybe a close, in whatever shape or form, could work for both channels.

Looking back 20 years ago, Breakfast, One/Six/Ten, Beyond 100 Days, Newsroom Live... none of these were on News 24. Are we as concerned now, as we were then, about viewers switching off because of the perceived “end” of a programme?

Six months ago Skype interviews were seen as a “last resort” - look at things now. No harm in discussing how today’s challenges could influence the format and presentation of news going forward.
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BBC World News
World is showing the Ten today with Mishal Husain.

Yep and they have done so for the last 7 weeks and will continue to as bbc world news and news channel are sharing bulletins at weekends, bar breakfast.

Hi thank you.

If you went back a page or two, you'd see that I brought it up because yesterday, World repeated the prior hours bulletin instead of taking the Ten.

It might be of interest to some involved in that discussion yesterday who aren't watch on World, that things are back to the "current normal" today.
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I have to say, it’s fantastic having Mishal Husain back on World again. Ironically, I wasn’t her biggest fan back in the day. But she’s truly become a superb news presenter. Completely calm and unflappable. We need more of that and less excitability! Lol.
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Well blow me down with a feather! (Since he hasn't done a Thursday all year so far!)

He didn't do Monday maybe thats why he's doing today?

Before Coronavirus there were a lot of weeks earlier this year where Huw only did 2 days.

I often wonder though what would happen if George and Huw still did 4 days... there would be little room for Sophie, Fiona and the rest...