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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Clive was already in the area presumably as he’d been reporting on election matters from Leeds the day before.

I thought it was quite odd on Thursday how the Sheffield floods only got a small mention way down the bulletin on the Ten, with a live report from Look North’s Tom Ingall, who then of course appeared on Look North itself a few minutes later. I suppose it’s a good use of resources but I don’t know if that was planned.
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Central (East) East Midlands Today
Din’t think this counts as a notable event, but Elizabeth Rizzini from the BBC London weather team is doing a weather bulletin for the domestic news channel for what must be her first time? Good to see new weather presenters for the channel Smile

She's done that slot before, don't think she's done any other time on the news channel though

She's still on now doing the 11:29 forecast.