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I can see both sides here, as much as I'm drawn to the argument that this should be dealt with in private, I can also see that Carrie should have the right of reply to something that is being said about her in a public forum

Sometimes it's better, and more dignified, not to reply, (don't feed the trolls etc). In this case someone's opinion about the original incident unlikely to be modified in either direction, so what does replying achieve ?
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Obviously Carrie is entitled to express an opinion and to freely make use of Twitter as we all do. I’m just wondering how “bosses” feel about this? At some point (maybe even today, who knows) Carrie will have to interview Soapy DTL on some US or Trump story. Becomes a bit awkward, no? Or do “bosses” just ensure that they never appear together, ever, which is a bit pathetic they have to orchestrate such a thing.

I bet Jon truly regrets that conversation with Humphrys now! It was rather misguided.

She’s untouchable and she knows it.

She could probably call the DG a **** on social media and she’d receive no come back.
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