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I've probably left it a bit too late for my thoughts with regards to Huw/Sophie & co. but I'll give them anyway.

Of course presenters will have various periods as holiday/leave and that's fair enough and if BBC are happy for Huw & co. to have X time off that's fair enough.

That said it does feel at times that when I tune into national bulletins that more often than not you'll not actually have the 'official bulletin presenter' presenting their shift.
I see more of Ben Brown, Simon McCoy and Reeta Chakrabaati doing the 1 O'Clock News than Sophie these days and similarly even when Huw is around I probably see just as much of Clive and Sophie presenting the News at 10 it as I do Huw. Of course George's unfortunate absences have played a part in that and meant the schedules have had to be jigged around a bit (though I have actually seen him presenting a fair few 6pm bulletins).

Does Clive still do what used to be his regular weekday evening slot on the news channel? Can't say I've seen him doing it often (normally it's somebody like Geeta, Rebecca Jones or A.N Other) but maybe I've just tuned in on weeks he's absent.

Assume Sophie is just a relief presenter for 6 and 10 now, hardly ever does the 1.

Clive never does the evening news channel shift these days. Seems to be hardly any regulars, e.g. Geeta Guru-Murphy, Julien Worricker, Shaun Ley, Lukwesa Burak, Samantha Simmonds, Martine Croxall, Chris Rogers, Ben Brown, Carole Walker, Rachel Schofield, Rebecca Jones, etc.

I think Myram's move to the night shift/weekends is part of a wider restructuring of News Channel and World News shift/presenter patterns. Also you never get Kasia on World News Today on Friday's where she took over in 2015, when Phillippa moved to cover Zeinab. Clive only does the evening shifts normally when Christian is away.
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Certainly going through the presenters for the Ten. I think that's the first time Ben Brown has presented it since 2007.

Ben was already on the late shift on the NC so covered the studio for the Ten whilst Huw was at Downing Street. I think he also done it one evening last autumn.

I thought that might be the case, just haven't seen Ben on the late shift for a while so a minor surprise, and tbh I thought they'd have just asked Reeta to do a triple shift. Interesting to see if it's the same tonight or the line up is slightly different.
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For those on the news channel who will be wondering who it is at nine its Nancy Kacugira who presented when Beyond 100 Days was off air last August! I wonder if she is got a permanent slot (19:00-22:00 Friday, 19:00-01:00 Saturday & 18:00-23:00) which covers all three editions as we know a reshuffle is underway or filling for Alpa?
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