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Are these World Service outlets powered by Viz as well?

Pretty certain that the Arabic and Farsi services use VizRT for their on-screen graphics.

I don't know if the VR studio uses a Viz solution to render the backgrounds. I wouldn't be surprised either way, but I'm not sure how sophisticated the studio is and whether it can cope with moving cameras.
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Anglia (East) Look East
No Studio D has a C/E style desk rather than a B style desk and doesn't have the cross over lightboxes above the screens. That one is the one used for the Newsnight style programme above and I believe that set is opposite the one with the big screen.

This is a very good observation! Both use the same type of panelling on the sides of the sets, which could suggest they're just at opposite ends. At the end of the 2pm news programme that came from the set with the large screen, at the close of the programme there was a wide shot and you could see one of the ops spinning their camera around, with the 3pm headlines then coming from the physical set with the desk.
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BBC World News

And then this 'on the cheap' set being used presumably at a BBC News bureau somewhere - this looks like how someone who is trying to parody BBC News might design a desk.

I believe that's Cairo. 'Egypt GMT' (as Google Translate calls the show) uses that set. It doesn't look too bad during the day except possibly from certain angles based on the video below.
they have a show with a Newsnight look to it. Including a nice London backdrop

The show is called 'The World Tonight' according to Google Translate.
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