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It took a few days for Adam to steal a headline bed from @itsrobert’s video,

Sigh.... Why upload to Youtube? It compresses the audio quality anyway....
There needs to be more creative ways of dealing with this... There was the whole CWilliams issue a couple of years back with videos, and people watermarking content....
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Can we just take a moment to appreciate everything about this, graphics, music, editing:


I hated this opening sequence then and I still hate it with a passion. Does that make me a freak?

I totally agree. I hate the silly noise at the start that sounds like a fire engine flying past. I hate the silly backwards and forwards animation in the middle. We’re not the freaks here.
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To think we got that monstrosity for four years and BBC World got the finest iteration of the theme tune ever, imo...

Not only the finest theme tune but the sublime countdown and ident music. The Lowe music was never done better than this.

This is going to sound tragically sad but this version of the theme tune is my ringing tone on my mobile.

This is going to sound even more tragic but, whenever my phone rings, I don't pick up until the end of the theme tune, I love this version that much.

I was gutted when they got rid of the flags. It was like they were taking the piss when they replaced it with the elephant horn, back-and-forward **** that they did.

PS. Yes, it still hurts.
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I loved the News 24 horn - it was very much a sign to sit up and pay attention and those titles had some bite and urgency. That whole china red and cream era was far superior to those that have followed. I was never a fan of the clamshell look.
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