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IMO the best titles were the flying fish fingers for the Nine O'Clock News and the 84-93 Six O'Clock News. I also liked the One O'Clock News from this era as well. It was good when the bulletins had distinctive titles but I doubt we'd go back to that now.

I think the current music for BBC News is immediately identifiable and is here to stay for a very long time to come.

I wonder if we will see any changes when the network bulletins and news channel move in to NBH in March?

Yep, if you can look back to 1999 or some other eras, where each BBC News service were given a distinctive theme tune, it was great. The current theme is easily identifiable but for the next few years, when there will be another relaunch, I think it's time for a change but the beeps can stay.

Really like the orchestral news themes of the 80s and 90s, especially the 93-99 Six O'Clock News theme, very suitable for a news programme. Love the Newsnight theme much, especially the 97 and 99 versions.

Who can forget the BBC World flags themes? They were perfect and most of all, authoritative. I liked the first David Lowe theme for World too. Very Happy

EDIT: Dateline London still has its theme unchanged and yet, it's from the flags era.
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It was good when the bulletins had distinctive titles but I doubt we'd go back to that now.

The 1999 titles had different versions for each bulletin but within the same theme, which is exactly what they should have done in 2008 to make it go stale less quickly. I also quite liked the way they varied the bulletins just by having different camera angles in the 2003 look. Each bulletin would have a different opening shot. It just adds a bit more variety to the usual slow zoom into the presenter at the desk or stood by the BARCOs.
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BBC World News
David Lowe uploaded the 1999 News 24 countdown on the Members site few weeks ago. I'm surprised because there is a vamp after it. You might notice that it's a bit different to the National News version due to the drums.


That is how it was made, the bed after sometimes made it to air on rare occasions too.

Now I can remember, the headline bed was played straight after the countdown with no intro thunderclap on the overnights a few months before BBC World relaunched in 2000, which was very strange as it was different to the rest of the World output and the simulcasts used the BBC One news titles. An example of it here: