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- Redundancies include regional domestic and international correspondents.
- Sport and Business bulletins on channel to be axed.
- Fewer features and outside broadcasts
- Strike action almost inevitable


BBC are going the same way as ITV and will cut English local news back?

Good, look at bbc scotland its utter pure yet STV news which is smaller, cheaper etc is far better!
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I think you missed the most important part of this "news"

"A BBC spokesman said: We are not going to get drawn into a running commentary - no decisions have been taken and therefore these claims remain speculation. Any decisions coming out of the process would be subject to approval by the BBC Trust.
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- Sport and Business bulletins on channel to be axed.

As things currently stand the news channel must cover business and sport every hour

It should broadcast a comprehensive news service each hour, including sport and weather updates, plus a news summary on the half hour. It should also broadcast hourly business news from 09.00hrs to 19.00hrs on weekdays.

BBC News Channel should:

Report sports news throughout the day, rounding up the days main sports stories every evening, delivering at least 100 hours of sports news each year


I can see a case for getting the main presenters to read the business and sports news, saving on separate presenters, with specialist correspondents, who already exist, reporting as The Guardian suggests, but I think it worth being clear that the content currently can't be axed without breaking the news channel's license, and that sport and business will still covered in some format.
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I wonder if this is related in any way to a tweet from Mike Embley where he mentions the possibility of "more big changes to come in Autumn".

Edit: ignore that. He was referring to presenter shuffles only.
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