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Steve Williams2,155 posts since 1 Aug 2008
Not all do, no, but many have either a full camera set up or a feed point into which a crew camera which can be rigged given enough notice.

In the nineties I did work experience at what was Radio Clwyd in Mold, about eighteen months before they moved to Wrexham, and it was probably the most primitive outpost of the Beeb imaginable. Here's what it looks like now...


The one TV reporter had a kind of pit in the basement and there was a roller blind on one wall which they could pull down to reveal a backdrop with a "BBC Mold" logo on it. If they could broadcast from that building, they could broadcast from anywhere.
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Late reply here but we had ISDN capable radio studios at UCLan in Preston which were used by the broadcast journalism peeps and we regularly used that for radio contributions from academics at the uni.

But I don't think a lot of our unis are really prestigious enough to consider having DTL TV positions full-time.
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Swindon had a plug in point - so dtls were possible if you booked a crew to go along and set it up. The circuit went to Bristol, where it could then be routed on as required. It also had a wireless COFDM receiver so wireless camera links could be achieved within a given area. Not sure if either are still operation. There were also circuits to Bristol from Gloucester, Taunton and, I think, Cheltenham, though I don't recall ever seeing anything on the Cheltenham line.

The Swindon circuit was often booked (back in the day) to record Central South's lunchtime news off air so Points West could get Swindon Town's football goals on the telly, under fair dealing agreements. Ah the days of the "Pictures from Central"/"Pictures from HTV" Aston...
Two minutes regions...
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According to an old post from Inspector Sands (http://tvforum.uk/thenewsroom/nationwide-39220/ ) Guildford does/did have a facility that worked into a microwave receiver on Crystal Palace.

That was how the original DTL facility in Nottingham, before East Midlands Today was established, worked too, into the masthead receiver at Sutton Coldfield. (see http://tx.mb21.co.uk/features/coldfield/18.shtml)
Write that down in your copybook now.
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I think the NC is having some technology problems this morning - no on screen graphics, and Maxine Mawhinney is checking a piece of paper before she reads each link, presumably a running order of some sort.

With regards to the graphics, is it not possible for them to have a basic back-up set for use in case of an error with the standard graphics. Is it possible to have basic fading graphics without a clock and ticker. Or am I just underestimating the difficulty of having a back-up system?
I tried to think of something funny to put here, but I can't think of anything, so you can read this to the end and then realise you have just wasted 10 seconds of your life. You're welcome.